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Pat Duong -
Posted on: February 4, 2018

Hi Everyone. More updates! This is Pat Duong your EngSoc VP Academic for the Winter 2018 term! I deal with all things co-op and academic related.

Co-op Fee Deep Dive

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Waterloo Co-op has newly updated their co-op fee deep dive information. They have released the summary of an approximate breakdown of the co-op fee (see the figure). About 51% of the co-op fee is towards directly explicitly student impacting services (student resources/support/programming, co-op employment process, and new job development). The other 49% goes towards maintaining employer relations, managing co-op (both the people and buildings), administration, and some research on the co-op system.  This is the next step is to collect student feedback and start making suggestions on changes to the current system.

Add an External Job on WaterlooWorks

If you have found a job externally, you can add that external offer to WaterlooWorks during the main round interview period, before rankings begin. This new feature is thanks to many years of student feedback in collaboration with advocacy to CECA. If you are in the position where you have an external job offer and do not want to suffer the potential consequence of being kicked out of WaterlooWorks should you reject WaterlooWorks offers that you’ve been matched with due to having an external offer, contact your student advisor about your situation. If you have any questions about this feature, please feel free to email or talk to me in person!


View the Final Report on Recommendations:

Remember the survey about WatPD that over 1000 students filled out in Spring 2017? The final report was published in late December 2017, where 7 categories of recommendations were made. Please do look over this report. Some changes to WatPD Engineering that will be happening starting in 2018:

  • S18: 3 am PD course deadlines (so that it’ll be due midnight for our west coast co-oping friends)

  • F18 (running pilots): a choice in assignment frequency (PD5), and allowing upper years to do 2 PD courses in a term (to finish the courses earlier) OR to defer a PD course until a later term (if you have a particularly tough co-op) with the departmental academic advisor permission

  • Ongoing: transformation of courses into textbook-like summarized resources to keep after the course

  • Going forwards: revamping PD 22 to decrease workload/time spent on the course to match other PD courses, PD 13 development for the Research Co-op designation

Other Academic & Co-op Discussions under the VP Academic Portfolio

  • The impact of the ON minimum wage rise on OSAP (due to parental income eligibility) and co-op employment

  • The re-evaluation of Orientation Week, Fall Reading Break, and calendar flexibility

  • Nation-wide Engineering Education stances on Workload and mental health

Have thoughts/opinions/concerns on the topics above?Or anything academic/co-op related ? My office hours are Fridays 11:30 am – 1:20 pm in the Orifice or drop me an email at Cheers!

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