Winter doesn’t have to be sad!

- Mariko Shimoda
Posted on: January 20, 2018

Winter 2018 here we are! New year, new us! Let’s make this year different, and make this the year we go to more EVENTS!

We have already had a fantastic coffee house (don’t worry if you missed it, THERE’S MORE) and a super fun ski trip. Coming up we have a TUBING TRIP! WHO WANTS TO SLIDE DOWN SNOWY HILLS IN A SUPER SPEEDY TUBE??? Only $15 in the EngSoc office. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SNOW, don’t be miserable in the winter! Go enjoy nature!

We have so many more social events to look forward to too: Semi-formal, Engplay, Paint Night, and more! You can always check our Facebook page for the latest events, or the EngSoc website as well!

We also have lots of trips to look forward to: Mac Eng Musical, Rock Climbing, Volunteering at the MUSEUM!!!

But we need to take care of ourselves in the meantime! We have puppies coming in for finals season! We will share our secrets anonymously through POST secret service! We will talk about mental health in a safe space (Let’s Talk Mental Health)! We will read each other’s stories and struggles in the Mental Health Blog! We will look out for each other this term!

If you feel off this winter season, come to an event, talk about mental health, take some vitamin D, pet a dog, sing a song, dance a dance, MAKE A NEW FRIEND.

I am looking to getting more feedback on our events, so if you see an event survey please fill it out. Or shoot me an email at

Myself and some of the terms directors and commissioners attended an inclusivity training workshop, so we can make our events more accessible for ALL students.

Lastly, Fall Out Boy’s new album came out and you should all listen to it for a rad time.

Let’s make this a great term for everyone!

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