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Posted on: November 25, 2017

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Whether you’re covering up something foul or just really like that new car smell, there is probably an air freshener scent for you. These are just my five favourites and two I really hate.

5.  Bacon

This one is a great conversation starter. Doesn’t smell a whole lot like bacon. More like burnt cardboard, but like a really nice burnt cardboard. It wafts through the car fully and made it impossible to rid of the smell for weeks following its disposal. Also be sure not to throw it away in your own garbage can because then your house will smell like burnt cardboard too. Unless you want that. ½ stars

4. Bayside breeze

This scent comes from one of my favourite brands. It smells like apples and melons. Passengers don’t tend to appreciate the breeze part though. 2/7 stars

3. Leather

I really like this scent because I don’t have leather seats and I really wanted them. If I hide the air freshener in the car and close my eyes while I’m driving I can almost imagine how much better life would be with sleek leather seats. 7/4 stars

2. Creamy avocado

I can’t buy real avocados because I want to afford a house one day, but this is a perfect substitute.  It’s really long lasting and I eat my toast with this there it’s like eating real avocado toast. 3 broken hearts

Figure 1:

  1. Cat Butt Air Freshener

This is what I consider to be the best air freshener on the market. It is long lasting and has a fresh crisp scent that smells exactly like cat butt. It really covers up the smell of weed, but if you don’t like the smell of cat butt you may have to get a second air freshener to cover up the scent of cat butt. But that’s personal opinion.  10/10 stars would smell again

The two worst

Pina Colada

I hung this up in my car and then immediately lost it. I was never able to find it. The smell lasted for over a year. Assaulting my nostrils with a blend of pineapple, coconut, and vanilla. I couldn’t take it any longer. I burned the car. -10 stars

Vanilla Pride

I was gifted this by a friend who heard I have a collection. Described it as a “timeless American design paired with a smooth and creamy vanilla fragrance.”… really? 0000 stars

all of the tree images came from this website.^

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