Dear Cheese Club

Tin Soldier Editor -
Posted on: November 25, 2017

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Dear Cheese Club,

You have taken too long to remove your cheese hat from the Tin Soldier office. We have now sold it on BrieBay. All attempts to get it back are now Fondue-tile. Especially because with the money we made, the Tin Soldier staff have all taken a much-needed break to the Bahamas; it was unBrielievable how much money we made. We’ve made so much Cheese off this sale we can even afford to stay at the Stilton Hotel.

Honestly, if someone hadn’t bought the hat, we were just going to leave it out in the open to be taken by some Curds of Prey. Don’t let it Grate on you Cheese Club, don’t be Blue; it’s found a better home. We really Grilled the purchaser to make sure they had a good Feta planned for the hat. I hope your holidays are Gouda, and if not, you can always drown your sorrows in Morbier.

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