The People Have Spoken: New Prez, Council, and more!

Rachel Malevich - President
Posted on: October 13, 2017

First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate Katie Arnold on being elected the next B-Society President. I’ll be handing over the torch after exams are finished in December after 16 months of being President. Katie’s first on-term as President will be in Spring 2018. For those who weren’t aware, the co-op term prior to an on-term is valuable time that Executive, Commissioners, and Directors use to plan events, initiatives, and services for the following term.

Nominations for the Vice-President and WEEF Director elections are open for the week of October 16th and campaigning will follow the week after. There will be several opportunities to meet your candidates – make sure you make use of these opportunities to be an informed voter! One of these opportunities will be at our next Council meeting on November 1st in RCH 301 at 5:30 pm. On the topic of Council – I’d like to mention some of the important events that happened at Council last meeting. Council approved a stance against shortening Orientation Week further. If this stance passes next term on A-Society, it will join our other four stances against the 2016 international student tuition increase; encouraging engineering counselling to strive for wait times of less than 2 weeks; encouraging engineering counselling to have increased availability outside of class hours; and encouraging the Engineering Faculty to adopt policies that restrict professors from reusing exams. Stances are powerful statements particularly when voted on by the entire engineering student body. They help executive advocate on your behalf to Faculty and external individuals. If you have experienced an issue in Engineering that you feel affects more than just you, bring the issue to Council for discussion!

As midterms approach, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of resources available for Engineering students. On October 20th, De-Stress Meditation will be happening in the SLC – check the EngSoc calendar on for more details! Make use of the peer-to-peer support service MATES – if you have questions about this service, send an email to For additional academic resources, check out our Exam Bank on the EngSoc website under Services.

Finally, looking forward to the end of midterms and the end of October, the Fall 2017 Waterloo Engineering Competition will be happening on October 27th and 28th. Doing well at this competition could lead to competing at the provincial and national level! Send an email to if you’re interested in learning more about the competition and how you could be involved!

Good luck everyone!

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