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Stone He - 1A Mechanical
Posted on: October 12, 2017

Fellow first-years, get your sticker for some amazing deals at off-campus locations.

If you didn’t already know, you get deals as an Engsoc society member. This means if you’re an engineering student, you get some great deals and discounts in a few selected locations in Waterloo. To get these deals, you will need to get a sticker at the Engsoc office in CPH 1327 and place it on your WatCard. Even if you decide not to get the special discount, it will at least help get you familiarized with off-campus locations and what you can expect in uptown Waterloo.

If you are into some food locations around Waterloo, the sticker also provides discounts for various dining areas. Some of the places offer discounts up to 15% off, including Al Madina and Molly Bloom’s, both located on University Avenue. Other dining places that offer discounts include Mongolian Grill, Kickoff, and Baba Chicken Grill.

There are also places where you can grab a quick snack and get a discount at the same time. If you are into frozen desserts, both Menchie’s and Marble Slab Creamery offer deals for engineering students with the special sticker on your card. In Menchie’s, students can get a 10% discount for all regularly priced items. Marble Slab will give out double stamps for every regular item that you buy. If bubble tea is what you like, Sweet Dreams Teashop offers 10% discounts to all food items.

This deal doesn’t limit you to food locations, as there is one place that offers discounts for recreational activities. The Break Room offers engineering students half price on their pool tables every Mondays and Tuesdays. This location may be a long walk, as it is not located as close to the university as the other locations on the list. However, this location also offers refreshments, so that you can eat and play pool with your friends at the same time.

In most cases, these locations are at a walking distance from the engineering buildings. Some of them are located right across UW place, including Molly Bloom’s, Sweet Dreams Teashop, Kickoff, and Mongolian Grill. It is a great thing to know that these places are located close to the university, which means you do not have to travel far from university to get these deals at all. It is literally at an arm’s reach.

If you like to get these special discounts, come down to the Engineering Society office in CPH 1327 to get a special sticker. Place the sticker on your WatCard and go out and get the deals that you deserve as an engineering student. Visit the Engsoc website for more details about these deals.

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