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Posted on: October 8, 2017

Happy October! In the spirit of the recent Patch Sewing Party that was held in POETS, I thought I’d give some basic instructions on how to sew patches onto your coveralls for when you all get them.

Step 1: Pin your patch to your coveralls where you would like it to go, use at least two pins on either side to make sure it doesn’t shift.

Step 2: Choose your thread colour, preferably one similar to the colour of the patch, unless you’re like me and you like to be colourful.

Step 3: Thread the needle, and tie the ends together so that you have two layers of thread with the knot on the opposite end to the needle. Make sure the needle you choose doesn’t have too thick of the head, otherwise it will be difficult to put through the patch. As for thread length, it should be approximately 3x the perimeter of the patch.

Step 4: Start threading from inside your coveralls and push the needle through the patch just inside the border of the patch. The knot you made at the end should hold the end of the string on the inside of your coveralls. Pull all the string through tightly so that there is no slack.

Step 5: Push the needle in and out of the patch along the edge, leaving about 1cm between each stitch. When you get close to the pins you put in the patch, take them out.

Step 6: Once you get back to the first stitch make sure the last one is on the inside of your coveralls. Cut the remaining string off and tie the two ends together.

Step 7: Celebrate because YOU JUST SEWED ON YOUR FIRST PATCH!

There is a sewing kit in POETS that you can use, and feel free to come by my office hours on Wednesdays from 1:30-4:30 if you need any help! In other news, the Mural painting is in progress so come by the orifice to check out the progress. Good luck on midterms everybody!

Sabrina Huston
VP Student Life

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