Who to Call When You’re Not OK

Adele Chui -
Posted on: September 24, 2017

The Fall 2017 term has officially begun, which for many of us means the beginning of four sometimes sleepless and sometimes stressful months. Before the term gets too hectic, we at the Mental Health Awareness directorship at the University of Waterloo’s Engineering Society wanted to take this moment to remind you to take care of yourself — take time for self-care, make sure you have those coping strategies, and surround yourself with people that can support you as you support them.

Outside of those things, the Waterloo Region has a number of resources for mental health of which you can take advantage! Please use this list if you need it — we would love you to be healthy this term.

  • UW MATES (Mentor Assistance Through Education and Support) for one on one peer support. These volunteers are trained in stress, anxiety, academic issues, social challenges, mental health, and problems related to university and culture transitioning.

  • Here 24/7 is a 24/7 phone line managed by the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington that you can reach at 1–844–437–3247.

  • Mental Health Helpline is an informational service that provides information about mental health resources in your area. You can call them at 1–866–531–2600 or chat with them online or email them.

  • Kids Help Phone is 24/7 anonymous counselling for youth. You can reach them at 1–800–668–6868 or chat with them online.

  • CMHAWW is the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington, a resource for a broad spectrum of mental health needs that provides recovery-based programs and services for all ages.

  • Healthline provides a listing of all of the community mental health programs in the Waterloo Wellington Region.

As always, a list of resources is also available on the Engineering Society website.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please reach out to your nearest emergency room or counselling services. The emergency room closest to the University of Waterloo is at Grand River Hospital.

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