Presidential Bio – Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold - 2B Mechanical
Posted on: September 23, 2017

Hello Engineering Students! My name is Katie Arnold, and I’m running to be your President of the Waterloo Engineering Society.

I started at the University of Waterloo in September of 2015. Today, I am in 2B Mechanical Engineering, and am writing this from the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students President’s Meeting in Vancouver, B.C. I am honoured by the opportunities that being part of the Waterloo Engineering Society has given me, and I look forward to what is coming in the future!

I have been part of EngSoc since 1A and I have really grown to love it. I have also had the opportunities to interact with both the provincial and national engineering student councils, serving as Vice President, Services for the Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario, and the current Administrative Commissioner of the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students.

I have experience in many aspects of engineering student life, and my platform is based on this long-term experience within the Engineering Society.

You may have noticed the construction zone behind E5. This new building, E7, will be home to new branches of engineering society services such as the C&D and Ridgidware, and new student spaces. One of the main focuses of my platform is to ensure that students get a say in what these spaces look like, and I have started doing this today, in my current role as Vice President Finance of the Waterloo Engineering Society, with members of faculty and the EngSoc business manager, Mary Bland.

The next part of my platform is related to the Engineering Student lounge, POETS. Our lounge has been a part of engineering for longer than anyone can remember, and it stands as a testament to engineering tradition. I am starting a plan to replace the POETS furniture as VP Finance, and it is my goal to continue to revitalize the furniture and the life in POETS. This is part of my overall student life plan, which includes reaching out to run events with other faculties as well as continuing with Upper Year Appreciation events.

Lastly, my platform stands on the Support of Diversity in Engineering. I would like to support our current EngiQueers group to become a more independent group, and with the growth of EngiQueers we open the door for more conversations on issues that affect our students, the development of new Engineering diversity groups, and pave the way for the collaboration with other groups such as Women in Engineering to address these issues.

You can find my full platform at! Please vote in this term’s presidential election! Have a say!

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