The End is Near… Just kidding! Fall term is going to be very eventful!

Rachel Malevich - President
Posted on: September 23, 2017

Hey everyone! For those of you who don’t know me – I wear a white hardhat a lot, so you’ve probably at least seen me, I’m your Engineering Society President, and I’m also a 3B Chemical Engineering student! This Fall is actually my team’s last term as Executive (hence why the end is near). It’s been a very eventful year and we’ve made some big changes in the Engineering Society. We intend to keep the momentum going for our last 4 months!

We’re very excited to welcome all the first year students! The next 5 years will likely be the best of your life – make sure you talk to upper year students to learn about all the opportunities here at Waterloo! For those of you who were really involved in high school, but are nervous about overwhelming yourself with school, co-op, and extra-curriculars – this story is for you. I was just like you, a high achiever that went to university and didn’t think I was smart enough to handle doing anything I enjoyed. Not finding a true outlet in first year is one of my biggest regrets. For everyone: use your 1A term to test the waters – school is a priority, but getting involved is what will make your 5 years here memorable!

I’ll be using the rest of this article to highlight some of the goals I have in my last few months as President. Two of my largest goals are with the Joint Executive team (A-Society & B-Society). The first is a website revamp – this goal will extend to the end of April 2018 to give our awesome volunteers (directors) time to execute all of the changes piece by piece. The second goal is to issue the first long term strategic plan for the Waterloo Engineering Society that will hopefully be passed on to both societies. Joint Executive is in the process of revising the document and it should be available for review by late October.

I’m also working to partner with the Faculty on several different events like an Academic Rep Workshop and donor appreciation. We’re trialing the FEDS voting service for this term’s Executive Elections – so make sure you vote and give us feedback! Finally, Executive is executing a lot of initiatives related to first year retention – please always let us know how we could be doing better! On Mondays from 1:30 – 3 and Fridays from 11 – 12:30, come visit me in the Orifice (CPH 1327) – I’m all yours!

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