Village 1 West 3 Washrooms Fixed

Stone He - 1A Mechanical
Posted on: September 23, 2017

Students are now able to use the washroom facilities after a week of repairs to a damaged water pipe.

On Wednesday, September 13, the water system of the Village 1- West 3 residence was restored by the V1 maintenance crew after a week of repair efforts.

With the water pipe repaired, students in West 3 could use their own washrooms for the first time in a week since they moved in. They were finally able to use their washrooms in West 3, rather than going to another residence quad for such facilities. This was especially unpleasant for people with early-morning lectures.

Early on September 6, a damaged water pipe, caused by a backup in the water system, flooded the basement of West 3. The cause of the backup is a mystery, but the washroom facilities in the West 3 quad were closed off as repairs went under way.

Students residing in West 3 were directed to use the washrooms facilities in West 4 for the week. However, the students who lived in the basement floor had to move out and relocate to another residence, right after moving into their rooms.

Colin McCoure, a first-year Electrical Engineering student currently living in West 3, also had some concerns about the washroom issue. “It was an annoyance,” McCoure stated, “and it was not a good way to start university.”

Two days later, the V1 maintenance stated that the expected time to fix the damaged water pipe would be within ten days. The basement had been cleaned and a site had been dug up beside West 3 to fix the water pipe.

After seven days, the water pipe was fully repaired, allowing the students who had to move out to return to their residences at West 3.

“Even though it was an annoyance,” McCoure stated, “the maintenance worked hard and fast to get it fixed as soon as possible.”

The Waterloo residences have issued a statement of gratitude to everyone in the West 3 quad for their patience and understanding of the washroom and water situation during the week.

The West 3 washroom facilities are now functioning and the students no longer have to walk to West 4 for their washroom facilities. Preventive measures have been taken to ensure that another blockage will not happen again. Signs have been posted in the washrooms to warn students not to flush anything other than what is posted on the signs down the toilet.

The maintenance have revealed little information about the incident, like whether or not it was student caused.

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