Halfway There, But The Moment Keeps On Going

Andullah Barakat - President
Posted on: July 2, 2017

Hello friends! Thanks for tuning in for another update from your ever-excited EngSoc President, me! A lot has happened since my last article, so here we go:

The EngSoc Joint Annual General Meeting happened on June 24th, and it went really well! We had the highest attendance that we’ve ever had at our general meetings, and a lot got done! We elected a new Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 year, we voted on a new mural that will be going up in the EngSoc Office, and we passed a lot of changes to our constitution (including an increase in the EngSoc fee from $15.90 to $16.15 in order to account for the increase in inflation). It was a very productive and very efficient meeting, and it puts EngSoc in a really good position moving forward.

 Since this summer has been all about celebrating the Tool’s 50th Birthday,  the Tool’s presence has been everywhere! As of this article, the Tool has been at ESSCO AGM, the Tool’s 50th Birthday Party, the Toronto Pride Parade, and the UW Canada Day Celebration. But wait, there’s more! The Tool will also be at Semi-Formal this Friday (July 7th), it will be at Engineering Day on July 14th, and at the last council meeting of this term on July 19th. Also, the Tool’s Birthday SCUNT is still a thing! There have been 4 people who have earned their purple hardhats so far, meaning that there is one left! The SCUNT will be going on until July 14th at Engineering Day, at which point I will be awarding the winners with their hardhats. To participate, please go to bit.ly/SCUNT_S17.

 On July 8th, the Faculty of Engineering is hosting ‘Engineering 101’, which is an event wherein the incoming Engineering class are invited to spend the day on campus and attend some sessions hosted by faculty, staff, and students in order to help them with their transition into university life at Waterloo. As Engineering Society Presidents, myself and Rachel Malevich will be helping with the opening and closing ceremonies of the event, as well as various aspects of the day. On top of that, Rachel and I have been tasked with helping run International Orientation, which is a 3-day event that happens just before O-Week in the Fall and is intended to help the incoming international students settle into their new lives in Canada.

In other news, I will be having a meeting with Peter Douglas, the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, next week in order to work on my goal of expanding the EngSoc services to make them more relevant to today’s engineering students. I have also been working with the 3 departmental societies within Waterloo Engineering (CESS, NESS, CEGES) in order to determine how EngSoc could further support them moving forward, and they have been very open to working with us! In some non-EngSoc news, I will be working on creating the official procedures for the Committee of Presidents within FEDS in order to make sure that we are best representing students’ interests, and that we are able to make a more significant impact on student life on campus. More on that to come soon.

 That’s it for me, I’ll catch you guys next time. 😉

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