Ludent Stife Strikes Again!!

Mariko Shimoda - VP Student Life
Posted on: June 17, 2017

Well well well well well well well here we are again. I hope everyone’s hell week wasn’t too fiery. You know what was fiery? Our bonfire! Literally so lit. Hope y’all had fun.

Less lit, but still exciting: POETS now has COMPOST! Food waste and things that turn into plant food and not garbage landfill crap. Wowee. Instead of being a filthy human and contributing to the planet’s demise, come on down to POETS and toss your disgusting banana peels and apple cores into the compost bin. Instructional posters are in POETS as well in case you have no idea what qualifies as compost-worthy.

Pride Parade tickets are ALSO still ON SALE in the orifice. March with us and the Tool in the Toronto Pride Parade, get a sick rainbow patch, and a tie dyed Tshirt. We will be tie dying tshirts in POETS the Friday before!

Wow look more things for sale: ENGPLAY TICKETS. Both online and in the Orifice, we have a fun group deal for 5 tickets for $30. Save money, have friends, do fun things with your friends. All the things a good university student should be doing. Buy tickets and see our play.

Still have more money? BEACH DAY. Grand Bend. Come with us to the beach, get sunburnt AND get heat stroke all in one day! Jk, It’s going to be really really fun and only $10 for a day trip to see a cute place. Take advantages of opportunities and don’t live indoors in the summer.

More fun things are coming up too. Learn how to solder with WiE! Good skill, friendly environment, and fun thing you get to make. Genius Bowl is coming up. Prove you’re smarter than your pals and classmates through trivia, rather than exam testing and class rankings! Plus prizes.

Last but not least, Semi-formal is coming up on Friday July 7th. Get excited, theme to be released soon. OooOOOooOOO ambiguity, don’t ya love it.

Peace out friends, I’m out.

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