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Pat Duong - VP Academic
Posted on: June 17, 2017

Another two weeks, another Iron Warrior Article. I hope that midterms have been going well (as well as they can go, knowing Engineering…) and that no one has to continue writing midterms to the soundtrack of constant construction (though if you are, please let me know). Thanks to the MECH 2020 class for bringing up that concern.

WaterlooWorks acknowledges that sometimes WaterlooWorks doesn’t Work

Hey everyone! It’s the continuous journey of getting feedback is always ongoing. CECA’s website has updated their feedback response page with details of changes they have made and are looking to make : https://uwaterloo.ca/co-operative-education/waterlooworks-news/waterlooworks-feedback-response/

They also write about the reasoning behind changes and the reason behind not making some changes (like why recycling applications won’t be coming back).

Some highlights of changes they’ve made so far include being able to save search criteria and having convenient Back to Search and Next Page buttons on the job posting and job search pages. Some functionalities they’re looking into getting implemented based on student feedback are being able to access jobs when off-term, revamping the UI to get rid of sideways scrolling, and seeing WaterlooWorks messages by email in more detail without having to log in.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the WaterlooWorks survey once it’s out on June 26th after main round. We need as many responses as we can get so that CECA can be made aware again as to what our priorities are in terms of request for changes. In the meantime, gather up your your feedback and get ready!

Exam Bank

I’ve also been mandated by EngSoc class reps to work with the current exam bank directors to investigate the pros and cons of giving professors access to view the exam bank. In a 2010 Iron Warrior article, a point and counterpoint argument was made about giving professors access to the exam bank. One thing to note is that the Engineering Society has an official stance: “The Faculty of Engineering should adopt policies discouraging and/or restricting professors’ ability to reuse old exams.

Last Call for Teaching Awards

Teaching Award nominations are due this Friday (June 23rd!)! For more info check it out through here:  http://bit.ly/TeachingAwardS17

Now that midterms are over for those with Hell Week, if there are any AMAZING Profs, Lab Instructors or Lecturers to nominate, please do. 🙂 Multiple submissions (for same or different teachers) are encouraged.

Unfortunately TAs are not eligible, but they can be nominated for the Sandford Fleming TA award instead. Classes can nominate one TA every term: https://uwaterloo.ca/sandford-fleming-foundation/teaching-awards !

Resumé Rescue (We need critiquers!)

EngSoc is looking to have Resumé Rescue, our online ongoing student-student resume critique service, up and running for continuous round. If you’re interested in becoming a resumé critiquer, please email resumerescue@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca.

Course Critiques

Early next month in June, Course Critiques will be rolling around to classes again. The course critiques feedback is used for to improve courses and to determine future teaching assignment. Note that feedback is anonymous and that professors don’t get to see any of it until the beginning of the next term. Remember to be professional and constructive with feedback: being specific about what you do and don’t like is really helpful, responses with abusive or irrelevant comments are not.

By the way, did you know you can see all past Course Critique results of all professors online after logging in here: https://www.eng.uwaterloo.ca/critiques/?

That’s all I have this time for updates. Ta for now!

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