Michael Beauchemin - VP Finance
Posted on: May 21, 2017

Hello all! I haven’t had a chance to thank y’all for not voting “No” in the Fall last year. I know it was a very compelling option, but I’m glad that I’m here to serve you, the Society! In case you missed my campaign last term, I’d like to go through and re-iterate a couple of my goals for this term. I’ll split them up into categories below and explain any work I’ve already made on them, in the first couple of weeks, then I’ll end this issue with a non-goals-related update.


My three main goals for Novelties revolve around bringing in some new items, because life is better when we have access to more swag (swiggity). You can expect to see a patch design contest launching within a week from publishing of this article. I also have a design for an actual tool bottle opener keychain (courtesy of the fabulous Johnny Normandeau) that I’m going to be looking at getting for Novelties by about late June. More design contests and massive order votes will be coming soon, but for now y’all can occupy yourselves with the patches. Speaking of, actually, B-Soc has left us some new patches, so come by and check them out in Novelties—open 11:30-13:30 Monday to Friday. Finally, a Square stand will be coming into Novelties as of mid-late June (hopefully).


This is actually one of my more exciting updates for now, though I never would have imagined it. I had initially planned on just getting some new stuff into RidgidWare and bringing in some DIY kits (I still am planning on this—details coming soon), but I’m currently in discussions with the ECE lab director, Trevor Smouter, to explore the possibility of explosive growth in RidgidWare! There are a lot of details to work out and it’s still in early stages, but since ECE stores is closing, there’s a lot of stock without a home, and ECE needs somebody to support students with circuits labs. That’s where RidgidWare comes in; we might be taking over a lot of the work for ECE stores and we will be much better stocked for all kinds of side projects. I’ll keep y’all updated as we carry on negotiations with ECE.


I have a new and righteous goal for POETS. RESTORE POWER TO THE PROJECTOR. The projector lamp finally breathed its last early in the term, and we cannot yet get a replacement. There was a new system implemented by the University that has made it harder to purchase things, but we’re working on a fix. If you want more details, find me in person in the orifice during my office hours Wednesdays from 8:30-13:30. Otherwise, POETS has already held a couple of board game nights, and though I brought a Wii to use, the DVD drive is broken, so I’m going to be looking into having that fixed so we can get it back out for gaming use.


Last, but certainly not least, I’ve opened up Sponsorship Applications for the term, and you can now apply online directly through the EngSoc Website, just apply at the link provided at the end of the paragraph and profit! This is part of an effort by myself and Katie Arnold (the lovely off-term VPOF) on the website to improve the quality of life for those attempting to apply for sponsorship from EngSoc or from the Engineering Capital Improvement Fund (ECIF). Applications will be closing early in June, and presentations will be happening June 17th, so save the date!


Outside of my goal-related things, a couple of important things to share with y’all:

– The budget passed faster than I’ve ever seen anything pass in council in my entire life, so I’m immensely grateful for that.

– Reimbursements for directors who have submitted expense statements will be issued starting next week.

Signing off for now, I’ll see you all in the next issue.

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