Sick of Us Already? Actually Though, Let’s Talk Elections

Rachel Malevich - President
Posted on: March 10, 2017

Hey readers! I remember thinking that March would be relatively chill. If your March has been more like running across hot coals than relatively chill, you’re not alone, and we’ll all get through this together! On the topic of March, I realized at the last Council meeting that we are already preparing to be replaced! On March 1st, Council elected Sarah Martin to be the Fall 2017 Chief Returning Officer (CRO). The CRO is responsible for running the Executive elections. In December 2017, my team will be passing on the reigns to a new team to run Engineering Society B. What does this mean? Why am I telling you now? Good question!

As an Engineering Society Executive, you dedicate 16 months to running an organization that represents all undergraduate engineering students. 16 months might seem a little overwhelming, but to someone who is already 6 and a half months in, it doesn’t feel like enough. If you’re someone who gets passionate about improvement (this is engineering, I know there are a lot of you), running for an Executive position could be really rewarding for you. Before considering the role of President, I remember thinking of Engineering Society Executives as these superhumans who were smarter, more motivated, and more passionate than me. Listen up friends, we’re just regular people. School is still really hard and managing all of these commitments is even harder. But at the end of the day, I know that I have my team to support me through this term, and that together, we’re making a huge difference for students.

I’d also like to point out that you don’t need to be an Engineering Society sage (fancy, I know) to run for an Executive position. You don’t need to be the perfect candidate to do a great job! And that’s where we (Executive B) come in. If running for an Executive position is something that you might be interested in, send an email to one us, or email to ask us about our experiences. However, our roles and experiences can all be best expressed in person – so I’d highly recommend inviting one of us for lunch one day to chat (we’re not JUST looking for friends I swear)!

The general descriptions for each of the Executive roles (President, VP Communications, VP Academic, VP Student Life, and VP Operations and Finance) can be found on the EngSoc website under Governance>Executive if you want to start somewhere. If you’d rather dip your feet with the Engineering Society before jumping in, check out Melissa’s article in this issue for information on Commissioners and Directors! You can also email Sarah Martin at to learn more about the election process. Good luck with “March” everyone, don’t forget to de-stress with some of the awesome events EngSoc has planned for this month!

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