Engineering Student Deals: Getting more bang for your Engineering Society Buck

Katie Arnold - VPOF
Posted on: February 18, 2017

Have you ever wondered “what does my Engineering Society do for me?” Perhaps you’ve had the thought, “what do get out of my $15.90 Engineering Society fee?”
On the whole, your Engineering Society fee gives you access to many services provided by the Engineering Society. These services include, but are not limited to, academic resources such as the Exam Bank and our workshops, and career services such as resume critiques, interview skills, and professional photoshoot.
If academic and career skills aren’t enough for you, we also have a large sponsorship program. Every term 15% of our student fees collected are returned to the students through sponsorship of teams and groups. Our sponsorship has gone to things like orientation week, student-run engineering conferences hosted by University of Waterloo, and supporting our student design teams in their projects and international competitions.
You’re not convinced. “Katie,” you say, “All these services, they’re great. They benefit many students. But what does the Engineering Society do for me personally?
Hold onto your hat. Three words. Seven syllables. Engineering Student Deals.
The Student Deals program puts money in your pockets.
Partnering with many local businesses, the Student Deals are offered solely to engineering society members and guarantees you discounts in the plaza and elsewhere in Waterloo.
Do you like boardgames? Double stamps at Crossroads Board Game Café on King Street.
A fan of Waffle fries? Who isn’t?? 15% off all regularly priced food items at Molly Bloom’s Irish Pub in the plaza.
Enjoy a good bubble tea? Take a break from studying at Sweet Dreams Teashop in the plaza and enjoy 10% off all food items while you’re there.
I like ice-cream, you like ice-cream, we all scream “Student Deals” for ice-cream. At Marble Slab we get you double stamps, and at Menchies on King Stree we get 10% off all regularly priced food items.
This term, thanks to our amazing Student Deals Directors, we have already added two new deals to our repertoire. Please enjoy half price pool tables at the Break Room on Mondays and Tuesdays, as well as 5% off food at Grace and Healthy Dumplings in the Plaza.
Access to the Student Deals is provided to you by showing our Engineering Student Deals Sticker on your watcard. Stickers are available for free to Engineering Society Members in the EngSoc Office, CPH 1327. Further details and a complete list of our student deals can be found at, and if you have any questions or any ideas for new deals feel free to email me at
Through our student deals program I save more than the $15.90 student fee every term. I hope you do the same.

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