VP Communications: Social Media Surveys and Prizes!

Melissa Buckley - VP Communications
Posted on: February 18, 2017

Hello there reader! We’ve made it to Reading Week, congratulations to us all!!  I’ll be working on some of my executive initiatives over the break and also going skiing. I used to be an every-weekend skier, and then I came to Waterloo and gave up on ever going outside. I think this will be a fun break!

A part of my job is receiving event, news and opportunity updates from our affiliates as well as our own material, and deciding what is most important to share with you on a weekly basis. One of the initiatives I (with Dan Robertson) ran for VP Communications on was a survey to help EngSoc understand where and how the student body (that means you!) wants to receive news from us. If you subscribe to us on any of our medias (we are on the Facebook, the Twitter, the Instagram, the Email and of course uwengsoc.com.), you may sometimes feel bamboozled with EngSoc updates. Maybe you love getting tons of updates, maybe you muted us a long time ago – but the exciting thing now is that you can help decide how you and others receive the news.

The upcoming survey will be cover EngSocs current methods of communication with students, and where you think we should expand or tone it down. We are really hoping to get some of the specifics of what you prefer out of this survey. Only want to hear about EngSoc events through Facebook? Want a mailing list overhaul? Prefer everything go exclusively through twitter? We want to hear about it. Then we will have the data and will be able to shape our services and updates to best serve you.

And because we know you well enough to know you love free things, if you complete the survey you can win some gift cards or miscellaneous prizes! So, as my final plea, when this survey comes out in the very near future, please take the 5 minutes to fill it out for yourselves and the waterloo engineering students who come next.

In other news, I brought a group of Waterloo first years to the First-Year Integration Conference in Ottawa on the weekend of February 4th. They seemed to have a really great time learning about professional development, Engineering Societies and how to make the most of their first year. On the Sunday morning, I voted on behalf of the Waterloo Engineering ‘B’ Society at the plenary (Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario’s version of a Council Meeting). You can read more about their experiences on our conference website, and stay tuned for a full-recap of the event: http://www.uwengconferences.ca/blog/fyic-2017-reflections-from-first-years

Thanks for reading, see you around!


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