Coming to Events, Doing Things, Being Involved, or Not — It’s All Good

Chelsea VanderMeer - VPSL
Posted on: January 28, 2017

Hey guys, we’ve survived the first month of school so far! Someone reminded me the other day that we have midterms coming up soon. That’s fine though, because we still have a few more weeks of either self-induced ignorant bliss, or well-thought-out, scheduled studies. *whispers* Choose wisely.

Event Updates:

EngHack is happening this weekend! If you’re a part of it, GET EXCITED! 😀

Tuesday Feb 7th – Candygrams in CPH foyer

Thursday Feb 9th – Making valentines in POETS <3

Friday Feb 10th – 7pm, Sleepover in POETS

Tuesday Feb 14th – Romantic Pics with the Tool!

Soon I’ll be spearheading an initiative to paint a mural in the Orifice! Upon the first wall you see when you walk in is what we want to make lively and colourful. Interested in submitting a design? Stay tuned to the Engineering Society Facebook page!

These days and these weeks are moving by really quickly for me, because I tend to overload myself with commitments, outings, and projects. Oops. Constant work brings a strange overlay to passing time, because every moment has to be used… and used productively. Not every moment is productive, obviously, (HAHA) but having purposes and ongoing tasks helps keep you moving. It’s like those sharks that die if they stop swimming. I started thinking about this a bit when I went to the P&P event a few days ago, where many friends and classmates made presentations for each other to describe (in varying degrees of hilarity and seriousness) how involved and supportive they’ve been with EngSoc, and otherwise. There are so many people who are incredibly involved, and so many people who do really cool things. It comes down to is a similar theme; doing things is fun, and helping people helps you. This isn’t just about EngSoc. Whatever you enjoy doing, you should commit yourself to and let it fuel you through the things you don’t enjoy as much. If you can make yourself happier, do it. EngSoc events and outings are an easy opportunity to do things and meet people throughout the week; even just sitting in POETS is a good way to have inspiring conversations. If you love coming to events and meeting new people, do that. If you would rather stay at home and read books, or critique Netflix, that’s good too. Any hobbies or skills that you have are so vital to keep alive and active.

Finding time is hard sometimes. Especially when you have multiple labs and assignments and midterms all coming up at once… we all feel that. But we make time for what matters to us. If you were to look back on this time, how would you change your prioritizations?

On an ending note, I want to credit the health inspector who saw a cow licking bread in a bakery, and passed the inspection nonetheless. He inspired bread lick poetry, and further, this piece by the lovely Clarisse Schneider.

i’m enjuhnear
and wen it’s late
i stair at screne
for ours strait
but now i’m tyrd
i’m dun wid skool
i want a tast
i lik the tool


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