The Last Internal Intermission

Sarbajoy Majumdar - VP Internal
Posted on: November 20, 2016

Hey everybody, this is your friendly neighbourhood Sarbajoy again and this is the last time I am writing to you as an executive of EngSoc. I have had most of my events end and I am really glad that every event so far has either ended really well or has ended with a lot of new things we learnt as a society, which made us win either way.

I am first off, super thankful to everyone I have met through my role, be it an attendant of one of the events, my directors, my commissioners, or other directors and commissioners I have had the chance to meet. Your patience especially was super appreciated because I have learned so many people skills from all of you that helped me become a better person every day. As always, I want to remind you all that all of you have the real power to make the engineering community be amazing, whilst the execs are here just to facilitate the process of helping you make our engineering community great. Thus, remember all the time that you as a person and your acts for the society/community have more positive impact than the role you hold. I like to think that a good number of you would still be friends with me even after I hang my VP Internal boots.

Secondly, I would like to reach out to people who have been unhappy with me, both within my team and within the community. I would like to let you know that I apologize if we were unable to find the common ground of working for the best of the society in multiple communications. I do not expect many people to like how I ran my portfolio in the past 16 months, and I do not expect many people to even think of me as a good person after the 16 months. However, I still do believe that whatever I have done were for the greater good of the society, and especially to you individually, and I will continue to believe in that to this day. If you do have an issue with how I think, I am very open to discussions and you can always arrange time with me to discuss your concerns, and I promise to work for a common ground between you and me.

Lastly, I am super proud that Mariko Shimoda will be your new VP Student Life. To everyone who supported me, please do continue to support her like how you have supported me and I know that she will be a great exec. To people who have hated me being an exec for past 16 months, please have an open mind and give Mariko a chance to prove herself before you deem her unfit for her position and I know that she will do well. Lastly, please give Mariko and the other execs the same chance to grow and learn from mistakes like how you have given my team and I.

As for what I am up to next, I am still figuring out stuff and may just opt for a fun 4th year. I would probably be a disruptive fourth year in the future engsoc meetings, and will try to still engage new people to be involved in EngSoc. I will still be around in the Engineering community, but maybe not as much as over the past 16 months. Adios 🙂

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