Concordia cum Veritate – In Harmony with Truth: 2016 Public Denunciation of University of Waterloo Korean Students Against Geun-hye Park’s Government of the Republic of Korea

Waterloo Korean Students -
Posted on: November 19, 2016

The chaos of Republic of Korea in 2016 is caused by President Park.

Park defines the Park-Gate Scandal as a singular event. The event is tragic, for the nation was deceived by a shadow cabinet led by a mere individual. The current turbulence in South Korea was foreshadowed from the beginning of Park’s government in 2013 by a number of issues which disgraced the democratic spirit. As the lies and deception of the shadow cabinet are revealed by courageous presses, we, as a part of all 50 million Koreans, are eager for the day when all the truths are revealed.

Every hidden action of Park’s government must be thoroughly investigated. Deception in state-controlled history textbooks, the disaster of Sewol Ferry, and the late Nam-ki Baek—who died after being hit by the water cannon used by police—are a few of the examples. On the basis of the school motto, “Concordia cum Veritate – In Harmony with Truth,” the University of Waterloo Korean students adjure Park’s government:

Grant the Freedom to Protest and Stop the Violent Suppression

Let us remember the protest in September of 2014 when Park visited Ottawa. There, Koreans protested to passing of the law concerning Sewol Ferry. When the President’s guards tried to stop the protest, Canadian Police prevented it. “Don’t touch them. You can’t touch them.” Freedom to protest is a constitutional right in democratic society. Abusing the executive orders, the government tries to stop the voice of the people and destroys the spirit of the constitution. Is the patriotism of the ruling party and government towards the people? Or is it towards the oligarchs? We insist that the government self-reflect on their actions.

The government must respect the right to protest and stop the violent suppression. Redeem the dignity of Nam-ki Baek, who was killed by police, and apologize. Imprison and investigate the police who are related to the violent suppression against the people.

Pass the Law Concerning the Sewol Ferry Disaster and Investigate the Incident Properly

Let us remember the students in Sewol Ferry. Their lives ended in the cold sea before they could bloom. At the time, Park promised a thorough investigation to the family of the deceased with tears. Not only did Park not keep the promise, she also dismissed the investigation team. Park heartlessly turned her face away from the victims. As the person in charge of the executive branch, Park must take responsibility and resign.

Strive for the Sincere Apology and the Proper Compensation for the Victims of the Comfort Women Program Ran by Imperial Japan During World War II. Also, Stop the State-Controlled Textbook.

Let us remember the history that Park attempted to distort. The history of our nation must be written as is. Park’s government wrote the state-controlled textbook that hides and pushes aside the victims of the Comfort Women program by pursuing a shameful and covert agreement with Japan.

Retract the plans for state-controlled history textbooks, and investigate the roles of the shadow cabinet in the writing of the textbook and punish them accordingly.

Reflect the voices of the victims of the Comfort Women program during World War II, renegotiate the agreement with Japan for formal apology and lawful compensation, and teach unbiased history.

Reform the Prosecutor’s Office. Launch the Special Investigation of the Park-Gate Scandal.

Let us remember the second line of the first constitutional amendment: “All the power and authority are from the people.” Park has deceived the people by handing over the power from the people to a mere citizen, Soon-sil Choi. It is an unacceptable crime which brutally destroys the democracy that our forefathers fought and sacrificed for. Soon-sil Choi, President Park, the ruling party, and the oligarchs have selfishly satisfied their own interests. They must pay for the price of their crime through a proper, full, and thorough investigation. However, prosecution, and who holds the right to investigate and push for prosecution, cannot be trusted as shown in the pictures published by media. The prosecution ought to investigate without sanctuary so that all truth can be revealed.

We, as students of the University of Waterloo rooted in Korean ethnicity, pronounce that we will fight together in Canada with those who act to protect the spirit of the constitution, the fundamental basis of Republic of Korea. Based on the university motto, “In harmony with truth,” we will stand together. Though we are far away, we pray for our friends in the streets of Korea, raising their voice. We will continue to work in good faith until the wrong deeds are revealed. We adjure again. Resign, Park. Dismiss the ruling party. Investigate Park-Gate Scandal openly. Investigate the truth behind Sewol Ferry. Protect the democracy of Republic of Korea.

9 November 2016
University of Waterloo
Korean students

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