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Abdullah Bakarat - VP Finance
Posted on: October 14, 2016

Hello Engineering Students! A new issue of the Iron Warrior means new updates on all things money related from Abdullah-Dolla-Bills!


So this term, Novelties got a wide variety of new items in stock including shirts, hoodies, patches, and much more of what we already offered. Some potential ideas we are looking into pursuing are sweatpants, notebooks, and keychain bottle openers in the shape of the Tool (that won’t break after a single use). Furthermore, at the UW Reunion on October 1st, we managed to sell over $1000 worth of Eng Swag to Alumni and current students at the event, which I consider to be a major success! We also broke some records for coverall sales this term, selling 94 pairs over the 2 day period!

Lastly, on the EngSoc website under the services tab, there is now a Novelties Catalogue that highlights all of the awesome merchandise that we have in in Novelties, including descriptions and costing information. Take a look at it whenever you get a chance, especially if you are interested in getting covered in Eng Swag.

Student Deals

First of all, if you haven’t already come by the EngSoc Office (CPH 1327) to pick up your student deals stickers, you should definitely do so! You’re missing out on some awesome deals! We currently have 8 deals that are posted on the EngSoc website, but I have managed to secure us a brand new deal with Crossroads Board Game Cafe! Now we get double stamps on your gaming card for every game session at Crossroads, meaning that your next free game is closer than ever! This term, my team and I are also working on trying to advertise in each of the store that we have deals with so that students are made aware of what offers are available at their favourite places.


Major news! The C&D now has a brand new Point of Sale system which can allow for debit transactions to happen! Be sure to come by, and tell all your friends!


The Engineering Capital Improvements Fund (ECIF) is used to support lasting capital improvements to student space and services in the Engineering Society. Each term, a certain percentage of the budget is allocated towards this fund (15% in the Fall, 5% in the Winter and Spring). Proposals are now open! If you would like to see any new capital improvements in any of the Engineering facilities, please apply online at the link below. Deadline for applications is TBD, and will be shared once it has been determined.



Every term, EngSoc offers sponsorship to student teams or any student organizations that directly affect or benefit Engineering students. Sponsorship applications are currently open and will close on Friday, November 4, 2016 by 11:59pm. More information will be sent out once all applications are in and have been reviewed by the committee.

That is all for now, but do come visit me in the orifice during my office hours (Monday 12:00PM–2:00PM), or shoot me an message at vpfinance.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything under my portfolio, EngSoc as a whole, or if you just want to chat.

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