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Posted on: October 10, 2016

SYKE! We didn’t think that Tristan would be able to do another article before leaving for Deutschland, but we were wrong! A quick trip to the LCBO and we were back in business for one more issue. Now, our normal plan of action is to taste three different brews from Ontario, but Tristan doesn’t have the best memory and accidentally picked up a can of the Dinner Jacket O’Red IPA from the Arch Brewing Company in Toronto, which we’ve already tasted (and liked). Thankfully we did have a fallback.

First up this week was the Canadian Golden Pilsner from the Flying Monkey Brewing Company in Barrie. We’ve never officially reviewed anything from Flying Monkey, but both of us have had a Flying Monkey brew or two in our time and had mixed feelings about them. Our hopes were brightened when the LCBO sales associate gave it a rave review (after it was already paid for). It’s very hoppy, which is unusual for a pilsner. In our experience pilsners are smoother and slightly less flavourful, but the Golden Pilsner felt more like an IPA. Overall the Golden Pilsner doesn’t really stand out and earns an average score of two and a half out of five.

Next up was the Vintage Lager from the Hogsback Brewing Company out of Ottawa. We’d never even heard of the Hogsback Brewing Company before picking this up, but it was great find. Very flavourful with an oaky taste, the Vintage Lager is definitely a fall beer. It feels warm and filling, like a Thanksgiving turkey. Tristan liked this one a little bit more than Donovan. Overall we gave it four and half out of five.

Now on to our backup beer, the Blanche de Chambly. Brewed in Chambly, Quebec since 1992, the Blanche de Chambly is a White Ale with a very specific taste and style that is unfortunately a little past its season. This is not a beer that you want to have stocked in the winter. It’s particularly citrusy and well-suited for a nice, hot summer afternoon on a patio. Despite the unseasonable flavour, where this beer’s strengths lie, we give it a score of three and a half out of five. Seriously though, don’t buy this bad boy till Tristan gets back from Germany (late March).

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