Broskies on Brewskies – Goodbye Tristan

Donovan Maudsley and Tristan Kuehn - 3N Mechanical and 3N Systems
Posted on: September 25, 2016

Broskies on Brewskies is a beer reviewing column started by high-school friends and off and on roommates Donovan and Tristan. Due to long-foreseen circumstances, and an ocean, Tristan will be absent from the next several issues of Broskies, and Donovan will be holding down the fort with a rotating cast of new Broskies. This issue is the official Broskie send-off for Tristan.

We’re going to kick off this issue with the Detour Pale Ale from the Muskoka Brewing Company in Bracebridge, Ontario. We were a little apprehensive about picking up a pale ale as we’ve had our fair share of B-A-D pale ales, but the Detour was a terrific turn in the opposite direction. Dry and smooth and everything that a pale ale should be, the Detour is a definitive triumph. This is the beer that every other pale ale is trying desperately to become. Unanimous four and a half out of five, this is near ideal as a pale ale.

Second up is Gypsy Tears, a ruby ale from the Parallel 49 Brewing Company in Vancouver, British Colombia. We messed up a little bit on this one, as we try to stick to just beers from Ontario, but the mix-up was okay because it was a good beer. It’s similar to other red brews which we’ve had, like the Fire in the Rye, but less aggressive. Tristan was less of a fan than Donovan, but still enjoyed it. We decided on a four out of five for this one.

Last up this issue is Tailgate from the Grand River Brewing company down in Cambridge. We both really liked this. It’s flavourful, smoother, and has a slightly unusual flavour and aftertaste, but it is quite pleasant. We kind of forgot to write down more stuff about this beer, but it is a very good beer. Tristan really appreciated this beer as his send off. We gave this another four out of five.

Overall we had a very good lineup of beers this issue, and we strongly recommend that you try any and all of them. Please remember to taste responsibly.


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