Netflix and Chillabit?

Hasan Ahmed - 1A Nano
Posted on: September 24, 2016

During the first two weeks, you may have seen “Chillabit” and their booth floating around campus advertising their social media app. At first, I downloaded the app just to get something for free from those stalls, but then I began to use it and ended up with my own opinions about this app.

Chillabit seems to be a mix of Yik Yak and Tinder. In one half, Chillabit allows users to make anonymous posts to their university community and people can leave public comments on those posts. The voting system is a simple upvote and downvote method that can influence a person’s “Chillabit rep,” which can be used to identify activity, humour, etc. However, the other half of the app allows users to “like” other people’s profiles anonymously. When you are liked by an anonymous person, it shows their info and an option to request a hint so you can find their profile. When two people like each other, it opens up a chat box, and you can privately get to know each other through it.

There are also multiple categories which people can post in ranging from Body Positivity to Anime and even Dank Memes. These posts include those from other Universities, so you can also connect with anyone else who uses Chillabit.

Overall, although the app is young and in-development, Chillabit is very easy to use and tailored to students. It’s fun to mingle online with people from your school community and get to know them better. Unfortunately, it does have a tendency to drain your battery if used for even short periods of time, in comparison to other social media applications. Also, the hint system seems fairly one-sided. Even though the purpose is to find the person when you are liked, the one-way communication often gets frustrating, especially if they are from other schools.

My final overall rating for Chillabit is an 8/10. It is a great way to have fun online with all the other users, and the negatives only exist because of the application’s young age. Chillabit is a nice stress reliever for university students everywhere, and it can foster a nice community if used by more people in the future.

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