Waterloo Engineering Competition

Will Wilmot - A-Soc VP External
Posted on: August 27, 2016

The Waterloo Engineering Competition (aka WEC) is held each Fall and Spring term. Scheduled over a two day window, four different challenges are available to students. The junior design competition, open to first and second year students, gives teams four hours to work on and complete a previously undisclosed problem. Similarly, the Senior Design Competition gives a larger time frame of six hours for teams of third and fourth year students to complete their design problem.

Programming, the newest competition, requires teams to construct industry-quality software that provides a solution to a given problem and demonstrate its functionality and quality to a panel of judges. Finally, in the Consulting Competition, teams are given six hours to produce a practical solution to a previously undisclosed problem that demonstrates social, environmental, technological, and economical resourcefulness.

Each task will be given with constraints that challenge each group to create a prototype and present to a panel of judges in an effort to win a berth to the Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC), to be hosted by Carleton University in Ottawa, early in 2017. In addition to advancing the OEC, there will be cash prizes and more!

This competition is run in conjunction with the Sanford Fleming Foundation, which runs a debate competition as well as a design innovation competition. These winners also move on in their respective competitions to OEC to represent Waterloo at the provincial level.

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