Playboy Mansion Sells to Twinkie Owner

Thomas Willert - 3A Mechanical
Posted on: June 19, 2016

In January 2016 something radical happened. The historic Playboy mansion went up for sale – the estate that has been the definition of the cutting edge of “modeling”, as well as home of the grottoes and some of the greatest parties known in recent history, will no longer be owned by Hugh Hefner. But there’s a catch: though he may not own the property, the contract that the new homeowner must sign states that you must allow him to live there until the end of his days. Well, for $200 million you don’t even get to own your own home, as the man who has lived there since 1971 will be there for who knows how long (Rock and Roll genes state that he will live forever). While this $200 million may seem ridiculous, a property in the same neighborhood sold for $59 million last year, and furthermore, this was the most expensive property sold in Los Angeles when it was originally purchased foe $1.05 million in 1971. So who would buy such a property? Well if you search in your heart of hearts you know the answer. Who could possibly own a more ridiculous product that Hugh himself? Richard Branson? Elon Musk? The inventor of the whoopee cushion? All wrong, and that other person you have in mind, wrong as well. The man, the legend and the new owner of the playboy mansion is… The former owner of both Hostess (THE MAN OWNED TWINKIES) and… Pabst Brewing company. So with the power of Twinkies and PBR, Mr. Daren Metropoulos has amassed enough money to not only buy the Playboy mansion but the property beside it as well, in an attempt to honour its creators by reconnecting the two properties into one massive 7.3 acre plot with 29 rooms just from the mansion itself. And what of the activities that took place in during Hef’s stay at the mansion? Whether Mr. Metropoulos chooses to perpetuate them remains to be seen.

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