VP Internal: This Might Pique Your Interest!

Teresa Lumini - VP Internal
Posted on: June 4, 2016

Hey hey hey!

Lots of cool events are coming your way before Hell Week begins that you should for sure check out! First off, we had some amazing candidates for the next coming exec and would like to thank them for their hard work during their campaigning period as well as thank all the students who took the time to vote!

We have some pretty awesome things coming your way in the next couple of weeks, starting with Summer Films and You! and Eat Your Words! I’m particularly excited for that second one. Here is an opportunity for those suffering with mental health, abuse in the LGBTQ community and anyone who has struggled with words that have hurt them or that they don’t like. Now you can write these words on a cookie and eat them and not use them again. This event is promoting inclusivity and taking the time to consider how our words affect others and I would like to give credit to Sarah Martin for coming up with this amazing event idea!

We also have Puppies in POETS coming up on the Wednesday of Hell Week! This event has changed from previous terms as, unfortunately, the National Service Dogs were not available this term, but don’t you fret! St. John’s Ambulance will be bringing their dogs for you to enjoy before those crazy midterms. And as for after midterms, TalEng will be coming up on June 20th and sign-ups will be opening up on Monday June 6th . So be sure to dust off those keys, warm up those voices, practice your talents, and sign up to perform at our termly showcase of engineering talent!

Finally, we’re bringing back on-term SCUNT this year! Remember that amazing event from OWeek? Well now you’ll get to experience the on-term version! Be sure to sign up on the facebook event with your team! We’ll be having a McMaster and an alumni team participating this term, so that will be some great fun on June 24th !

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