Engineering Society Elections: A New Cast

Bryan Mailloux - Editor-in-Chief
Posted on: May 23, 2016

It’s election season for the Engineering Society! This time, the EngSoc Executive structure has completely changed,with four new and improved VP positions.
The Society President will retain many of the same responsibilities as before, such as acting as the public face of the Society in external situations and administering the Engineering Society Council and the Board of Directors.
The new VP Communications will be mainly responsible for the external marketing and branding of the Society, internal advertising, and online presence.
The new VP Operations and Finance will be responsible for managing the Society’s finances and establishing external sponsorship and student deals. They will also manage the day-to-day operations of the Society, including Novelties, RidgidWare, POETS, the C&D, and the Orifice.
The VP Student Life will run the internal events and services for the Society with the Student Life and Student Services Commissioner, as well as certain external events such as Outreach and the Waterloo Engineering Competition.
Finally, the VP Academic will issue and collect Course Critiques, and promote changes to improve the quality of education for Engineering students.
As always, the WEEF Director reviews proposals for WEEF funding and spreads the word about how students can apply for and receive funding.
For more information on each of the new Executive positions and how they benefit you as a student, visit, or read the full report on why these positions were created at
Be sure to support your candidates during the election period from June 3rd to 7th!

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