VP Internal: Aaaand We’re Back (Part 3)

Teresa Lumini - VP Internal
Posted on: May 21, 2016


It’s your friendly, neighbourhood VP Internal with news on the word of engineering social events!  When I began campaigning over a year ago, one of my major initiatives was to bring back licensing to some of our events, and I’m proud to say that we have done just that.  This term, BOT was licensed for a classy wine and cheese night, and EOT will be less classy but also licensed!  But we’re not stopping there, no sir.  Both Coffee Houses this term will also be licensed and we are looking into more events so you can enjoy a beer in POETS and socialize.
Speaking of things that we’re bringing back, be on the look out for SCUNT!  Remember that super fun scavenger hunt type event from O-Week? Well it has been a long time, but this event used to run during the term as well; this is the term we are bringing it back!  It won’t be quite the same, as EdCom will not be making an appearance, but it is sure to be one fun night!
We have some new technical workshops that are running this term, including Web Development Series which has been very successful so far and will continue to run throughout the term. The first and ever-so-popular Let’s Talk Mental Health sessions kick off on May 26th, so please come by and feel free to vent about your day and whatever is bothering you, or just listen and remember you are not alone.
There isn’t much for me to update you on except to keep an eye out for some awesome events coming up in the next couple weeks and remind you that even though school is important, don’t forget to have a little fun every once in a while.

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