VP Communications Nominations: Dan Robertson and Melissa Buckley

Melissa Buckley and Dan Robertson - 2B Chemical, 2B Computer
Posted on: May 20, 2016

We’re Dan Robertson and Melissa Buckley, and we are running as a pair to be the next VP Communications for your Engineering Society!

The Waterloo Engineering Society has gone through some restructuring, and VP Communications is a new position in charge of the Society’s internal advertising and external representation. Between the two of us, we think we have the perfect skill set to represent you in both of these aspects. We hope you follow our campaign and vote for us to be your next VP Communications! Meanwhile, here is a little bit more about us:

Melissa is in 2B Chemical Engineering, and has been involved with the engineering community as an EngSoc Commissioner and Director. She has also been involved on the provincial level, attending numerous conferences as a Waterloo delegate and the VP Communications for ESSCO. Dan is in 2B Computer Engineering and is the current Communications Commissioner for EngSoc. He has also been involved on a national level as a delegate at CFES Congress.

We both have experience managing similar Communications roles, and will be able to provide you with all the information that is important to you about your Engineering Society without getting annoying. We hope to continuously improve this process by taking your feedback regularly! Between the two of us, we have represented the Waterloo Engineering Society on the provincial and national level, and have participated in many plenary sessions. We are confident we will be able to vote effectively on your behalf at these meetings, and promised to keep you informed in the process.

Some highlights of our platform include:

  • Providing you with Clear, Effective Communications
  • Increasing Conference Transparency & Take Back
  • Better Society Representation in the Community
  • Improving EngSoc with your Feedback

We are both passionate about the Engineering Society and would take this role seriously, while helping make EngSoc as useful and fun for you as possible! We hope you take the time to review our platform points in more detail on our Facebook page @VoteDanAndMelissa, and don’t forget to vote between June 3rd and June 7th.


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