Brazil: Presidential Impeachment

Seamus Bannon - 1T Nanotechnology
Posted on: May 19, 2016

With the Olympic Games just around the corner, accompanied by the pressures of global attention, Brazil is only garnering more and more negative press. Public safety concerns and the outbreak of Zika virus are two of the major issues in this seemingly unrelenting storm of catastrophe. In trying times such as these, a country can look to its leaders to make strong decisions and help manage the pressure of being on the world stage. Well, it seems as if Brazil won’t even have this small luxury. Last Thursday, on May 12th, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff was voted 55-22 to be impeached. This trial is a result of various accusations of fiscal shortfallings and dishonesty, one of which being attempts to hide the magnitude of the public debt. Thus, vice president Michael Temer has assumed presidential duties while Rousseff will be phased out. With only 78 days till the Olympics, such an abrupt change of leadership spells only further turbulence – whether they are for better or for worse will soon be determined.

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