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Eric Shi - WEEF Director
Posted on: March 29, 2016

Every term, WEEF uses money earned on the interest of the principle (now over 14 million dollars) towards improving undergraduate engineering at the University of Waterloo. This term, WEEF has donated $60,000 towards funding proposals submitted by faculty members and student groups. The allocations and proposals can also be viewed digitally at www.weef.uwaterloo.ca/proposals.php. To view proposals in detail, download the term proposal booklet which has a detailed overview of each proposal that was submitted.

This term, WEEF received a total of 58 funding proposals. The funding council, made up of up to two class reps from each on-stream class, votes on which proposal should receive funding. Each proposal is accompanied by a presentation and Q&A session with the funding council. The donation amounts towards each proposal is decided by the funding council through majority votes.

The allocations this term include new high-quality magnetic coil sets and new handheld LCR meters for undergraduate nanotechnology labs. The Civil and Environmental department will be getting a new balance and a magnetic stirrer. Electrical and Computer Engineering students can look forward to server upgrades that will enable faster networking to the ECE Linux computing servers. WEEF will be supporting the Church Lab upgrade through funding a set of oscilloscopes, soldering irons, and fume extractors. These stations will be implemented in an extension to the Church Lab in E3. Software engineering labs will be getting new peripherals. An architecture machine shop will also be receiving new equipment. These are just a few of the many projects WEEF has funded this term.

If you have any questions or concerns about this term’s allocations or WEEF in general, please get in touch with me at weef@uwaterloo.ca.

Continue tradition. Continue your support to WEEF.

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