Are You Using Protection…On Your Smartphone?

Ammar Masud - 2A Nanotechnology
Posted on: November 17, 2010

Once you go Blackberry, you never go back. This is usually true for any smartphone including Android phones and iPhones. From browsing the web to downloading applications, there is so much potential from a device that you can carry around in your pocket.

After becoming accustomed to a smartphone it is a stressful and time consuming process adjusting and reacquiring lost information if it is lost or stolen. It is best to be prepared for such events and it can be done by simply downloading an application. You may think it would not happen to you, but having had two friends who have had their iPhone 4s stolen and losing my Blackberry (R.I.P.) on a rollercoaster (Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland) this summer; it’s more likely than you may think. Here are a few recommendations for applications that can save you from such misfortune.


–    Find My iPhone

The priciest application on the list because it requires you to be a MobileMe member which would cost you a $109 yearly fee after a 60 day free trial. But you would be paying for arguably the best application on the list. Particularly, the feature of the application that will gives you the security you need is titles “Find my iPhone.” All you need to do is sign in on their website at from any computer and sign in to see where the iPhone is using GPS as well as being able to write a message to be displayed on the phone. If, for example, it is in your home but you can’t find it, you may also play a sound to make it much easier to find. In the case you have some extremely private data on the phone (sexting is a rising trend) it is also possible to remotely wipe it and restore it to factory settings.

–    iLocalis

This option is for jail broken iPhones only and obviously free. Like Find My iPhone, iLocalis lets you track your iPhone using GPS, but an advantage of iLocalis is its ability to let you control your iPhone remotely. This includes allowing you to send a message and make a phone call and it even sends a message to friends near-by.


–    Mobile Security (Anti theft)

Similar to the iPhone applications, Mobile Security allows you to track your Blackberry using, SMS, e-mail, IMEI, and IMSI. In addition, you can remote wipe data to avoid anyone having your private information. The application will cost you $9.99 but there are other options from app world if you’d like the security without the fee.

–    Lookout Mobile Security

My personal recommendation (it’s what I use) for many reasons. Like the other applications on the list it can track your phone, activate a loud alarm, and remotely wipe your data. Unlike the other applications, it also allows you to backup and restore data on the go rather than plugging in with the Blackberry Desktop Software. Furthermore it also has antivirus protections and scans each application you download to insure your protection (if the application is not an approved app world application). All this for the cost of $0.00.


–    Lookout

By Lookout Inc., the developer to Lookout Mobile Security for the Blackberry. It is identical to the Blackberry version sharing all the features and still for free. Details are written under Blackberry.

–    WaveSecure

You’ve probably heard of McAfee, well their answer for mobile safety is WaveSecure. The software is for $19.90USD with a one year subscription which isn’t too bad, considering it’s from a big name company. The basic features of a security application are there including backing up and restoring data, tracking and locating your phone, and wiping your data. The best feature would no doubt be its ability to detect a SIM card change then locking, making the phone worthless to the thief. When locked, you can display a personal message on the phone or sound an alarm on the phone to help retrieve it.

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