Fire Sales Are Amazing!

Marc Tan - VP Finance
Posted on: November 17, 2010

Ok, well its getting old now that I will always mention somehow that I am still exec, so I’ll stop that now. But new tradition, i.e. sitting with other exec writing this report and drinking some delicious cold drinks shall now start.

Now I will try to be responsible. Due to the asbestos removal in the CPH Foyer, Novelties will set up a temporary location in the back room of the Engineering Society Office (CPH 1327). All the same products will be there. So don’t be shy, come in and say hi! If you were at the fire sale, it was amazing, we sold so much that Novelties is pretty bare now. We finally got rid of the remaining long sleeves. Bobbleheads are almost all gone, so get them while you still can! New items have been ordered, so don’t worry, Novelties will be as well stocked as it was before the fire sale. Donations were also a big hit this term, with the largest turn out we’ve had in a long time. For the Student Teams still looking for money, I should have another round of cheques out now. The donation allocation for this term is attached below.

Now to more important things: I woke up today and had delicious ribs for breakfast instead of going to class. It was probably the best idea ever since sleep is such a good thing. That’s about it from me for now, I CAN’T WRITE ANYMORE ROY SO I’M STOPPING HERE!

Also, thanks to Adriana Cameron for helping me write this report.

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