Pink Tie Switches to Engineering

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Posted on: July 21, 2010

The Faculty of Math’s coveted mascot, Pinky the Pink Tie, quietly changed his allegiances to Engineering earlier this month.

The six-foot tie, which has only been part of the math faculty for less than a year, was spotted earlier this month wearing a black hard hat and yielding a smaller version of the Tool. He was also seen assisting the Toolbearers to guard the Tool during Canada Day celebrations.

“As exciting as it is to have the tie on our side, I just can’t believe it actually happened,” said EngSoc Secretary Joe Collins. “I know mathies are an unspirited bunch, but I never thought it could get bad enough for them to lose their mascot.”

MathSoc’s VP Activities & Services Joyce Karel has declared war against the engineers who took the mathie mascot and pledged to get it back.

“We will do everything in our power to get Pinky back,” Karel said. “We will investigate all avenues, including a mascot swap, to get our precious tie returned to where it belongs.”

We were unable to confirm by press time whether or not math students had actually taken the Tool or if Karel was just bluffing.

It is unclear if Pinky willingly transferred between faculties or if there were other factors at play. There are rumours that the tie is enrolled in an ECE program, but that has not yet been confirmed. Attempts to contact him on the issue appear to have been ignored.

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