VP Education Report

Alex Hogeveen Rutter - VP Education
Posted on: July 21, 2010

The administration is continuing to implement the recommendations of the first-year task force to help students succeed. If you have any additional suggestions or ideas, feel free to contribute at http://engsoc.uwaterloo.ca/forum/2

I’ve had a few meeting with Co-op and Career Services of late. One issue I’ve been trying to push is accommodating students who find work outside the Jobmine process, especially in times of recession. I’m also looking for ideas about how to improve CECS, in terms of marketing students to employers, designing Waterloo Works and improving field coordinators. Drop me a line at bsoc.vped@gmail.com if you have any ideas.

WatPD Engineering-passed Engineering Faculty Council (Stage 3/5) unanimously, and we are still optimistic the administration will break their rules to have it pass the remaining two stages for January.

As I really have no new information about the WatPD electives, I would refer students to the WatPD Office and website for more information. If all goes well, students will choose in October or November through Quest which course (PD Eng or one of WatPD 3-7) they wish to take in January 2011 (for those with a co-op then). A reminder that existing students must still complete 4 work term reports to graduate.

The implementation of WatPD 20 for the class of 2015 has passed its first milestone. Pending sufficient development over the summer in time for the next design review in early September, the course will be sent to the Centre for Extended Learning for online development in the fall.

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