VP Finance Executive Report

Mina Labib - VP Finance
Posted on: May 19, 2010

Howdy Do EngSoc-erinos,

And welcome to Spring term 2010. This is my first (and only – L) term as your acting VP-Finance, after which the infamous Jon Warren will take charge. Nonetheless, I will be doing my best to be effective in the short time I have.

One of my plans this term will be to revamp novelties. Jon and I have been looking into new products and changing the presentation of the store. Hopefully, these changes will attract more people into the store and increase sales.

As for budgets, I will have hopefully received all of your proposals by the time this article is published, and will be working hard on accommodating everyone’s requests. Spring term is usually the one with the lowest budget, so it might be a bit hard to accommodate the bigger items, but let’s worry about that when we get to it.

Last week, I attended a teleconference between the VPFs of ESSCO. Interestingly enough, UW dominated the conference with 3 VPFs (Jon, myself and Marc from Asoc) as well as Alessia who is ESSCO VP-Services. The other attendees were the VPFs of UWindsor and UofT. I am proud to say that we seem to have the smoothest running society financially, and I would like to thank Mary Bland for this, as this is, in no small part, due to the great work she does for us.

In conclusion, I would like to say that roses are red and violets are blue, and for heaven’s sake, budgets are due.

Adios Amigos,


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