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Michelle Croal - 3B Chemical
Posted on: January 20, 2010

Fed Hall: Alive and Kicking?

Since 2010 is the 30th anniversary of The Iron Warrior, we’ll be bringing you a new feature starting this issue that will be like opening a time capsule on the history of our publication. Looking back to landmark years, such as 2005, 2000, 1990 and 1980, we’ll showcase articles, news or features from the corresponding issue of that term (on the condition that it actually exists in the archive cabinet in our office). In January 1999, Volume 23, Issue 1, Yasin Bismilla (2A Mechanical) wrote on the revival of Fed Hall.

“Over the last couple of years, events [at Fed Hall] have been restricted to Frosh Week, and a few bashes during each term. It is unfortunate because the atmosphere and size of Fed Hall is ideal for any type of party. Last term, a couple of unfortunate events, namely fights, left a black mark on the future of big events and revived the issue of what to do with the underachieving bar.”

“This term, action has been taken. The pub movement is on, and so far the focus has been on changing the image from a concert hall to a spot for students to hang out on a weekly basis. It has only been two weeks, but the Thursday night affair, Boys and Girls, has been successful. People have enjoyed themselves, and there are signs that Thursday nights and Fed Hall will become synonymous. … It remains to be seen whether the hype will last week after week.”

“…One important thing that should not be forgotten in all this is the big event. The pub movement is great, but Fed Hall was built for concerts and large crowds. There has been some good bands making appearances, especially during Frosh Week, and the special events have always been a success. These will continue to be the main attraction and should never die. The place is just too good to not host concerts regularly.”

“…All is good in Fed Hall right now, and if all the good things continue, even the next generation of students will experience first-hand what most of us have only heard about: the Fed Hall of old.”

I found this article interesting, as Fed Hall is an excellent, convenient location with a large capacity for parties. Yet to my knowledge, it is still used mostly during Frosh week, during the winter terms for graduating balls or banquets and infrequently for other society parties and semi-formals. What was the Fed Hall of old? Prior to ten years ago, was it frequently used to host concerts and events that have since seen a decline? Maybe the idea of having a concert hall on campus doesn’t appeal to students anymore, and they would rather frequent the bars on King St or clubs such as Rev. It could also be that since Toronto is only 40 minutes away, students prefer to go there for the concert and music scene, instead of creating a demand for it here in Waterloo. Consider that Fed Hall’s counter-part, the Bombshelter Pub, has done significantly and consistently better since its beginnings in the mid 1970s.

Look out for more flashbacks in The Iron Archives next issue!

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  • On June 22, 2010 at 12:00 am Chris said:

    Congratulations, Michelle, you’ve been featured as a link in PDEng 35. I don’t know if it’s pride or remorse that you’d get as a reaction to that, but it’s there.

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