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Amanda LeDuc - 3A Management
Posted on: January 20, 2010

I predict an incredibly fashionable season this Winter. With tall boots, hats, coloured tights, leather, chucky knits, ripped/torn jeans and military inspired pieces, what’s not to love?

I think engineering gets a bad reputation for being unfashionable. Yes, we have long class hours and may not have time to put as much time into planning our looks as other faculties, but we are capable of following trends and even inspiring our own trends.

Tall Boots *Anna*

Anna rocks the style of tall boots with this look. This trend is both practical and fashionable, a rare combination. I must admit that I love the look of tall boots over jeans. It makes the leg appear longer and keeps the bottom of the pants dry. You simply can’t go wrong with this combination.

Ripped Jeans *Eric*

Eric takes the look of ripped jeans to the extreme. While some would say these jeans are ripped to the point of being inappropriate to wear in public, Eric is just trying to be like all the other fashionable folk out there and push the envelope that much further. Who knows, perhaps we’ll all be taking scissors to the backs of our jeans soon!

Hats *Mike Raymer*

This look from Mike is so unique and is perfectly accessorized by the farmer hat. Who’s to say we shouldn’t take fashion back to the grass roots from whence it came? Mike pays tribute to the farmer with this country inspired look. He even cut the straw he is chewing from the ground in his front yard. That is total dedication to an authentic look.

Whether you follow the fashion trends from the runways or create your own style, I’d love to see it! Swing by Novelties from 11:30am – 12:20pm on Tuesday or Wednesday and show me that engineering does have style to be featured in the next “Fashion Files” article.

Stay Classy,
CFO (Chief Fashion Officer)

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