Dean of Engineering, Pearl Sullivan, Speaks About E7

Angela Pause - Waterloo Engineering
Posted on: April 1, 2015

Since “B” Society voted no in March 14’s E7 Referendum, what does this mean to students?  We went to Pearl Sullivan, the Dean of Engineering, to ask her how this would impact engineering education for future students. Our interviewer is Angela Pause, a Waterloo Region freelance writer specializing in technology, engineering, business and education.   [...]

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Winter Leader Retreat

Bryan Mailloux - 1B Mechatronics

Last Saturday was the Engineering Orientation Winter Leader Retreat! Aside from getting Orientation Week 2015’s leaders to meet each other and outlining the responsibilities of each type of leader, the event also answered a lot of questions that most of us Bigs were kept in the dark about. First of all, the theme of this [...]

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In Other News…

Sherwin Kwan - 4B Mechanical

Perils of Not Getting Vaccinated As a follow-up on my article last month on measles, health authorities in the Lanaudière region of Québec have reported an ongoing outbreak in their schools. Over 100 cases of measles have been reported among children attending three schools in the vicinity of Joliette, QC. It is believed that the [...]

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The Best Clean Snowmobile Team UW Has Ever Seen: A tribute to those graduating

Kristen Sperduti - UW Clean Snowmobile Team Lead

Let’s take a 750 cc turbo-charged four-stroke engine, throw it in a 2013 Polaris RUSH chassis with a Miller Cycle conversion, custom muffler with integrated catalytic converter, and dual electronic throttle bodies and name it Silver. Sounds like a pretty awesome piece of machinery.  The only things stopping Silver from dominating the 2015 SAE Clean [...]

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Benjamin Netanyahu Wins Election

Caitlin McLaren - 3A Chemical

The incumbent Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been Prime Minister of Israel since 2009, was reelected during the national election on March 17. From 2013 onwards, Israel’s government was made up of the Likud – Yisrael Beiteinu coalition and three other parties, with Netanyahu, the Prime Minister, heading the Likud party. However [...]

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Leafy Thoughts: Microbeads to be Studied in Canada, Potentially Banned

Nina Feng - 3B Environmental

Environment Canada is now studying the effects of microbeads on the environment and on wildlife. Typically made of plastic, microbeads are the tiny grains found in many cosmetic products, such as washes. scrubs, and toothpaste. Promising to give consumers exfoliated, supple skin or extra-white teeth, as well as adding visual appeal, these granular materials can [...]

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What’s the Fuss with the New Terrorism Bill?

Sherwin Kwan - 4B Mechanical

Over the past two years, I have written on a number of occasions about legislation being debated in Parliament, and often there has been much controversy over them. However, the Anti-Terrorism Act 2015 (C-51) being debated in Parliament trumps them all. While its proponents claim that it will help the Canadian government fight terrorism, its [...]

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Tech Ethics – Technion et al

Filzah Nasir - 3B Environmental

It has been almost a year since a new partnership between UW and Technion was announced during a joint conference between the two universities’ presidents in Israel. Quantum information science, nanotechnology, and water were named as foci of this partnership. After signing the agreement, the UW president, Feridun Hamdullahpur, who told Jerusalem Post that he [...]

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President’s Farewell and Final Updates

Allyson Francis - President

Hello (and goodbye) UW! This will be my last IW update as President; I can’t believe how short sixteen months can feel! This week we are holding our last event of the term, the End-Of-Term (EOT) Party, in POETS. It will be held between 6 and 8pm on Thursday, before the start of the long [...]

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VP Finance Update: Wrapping things up!

Melissa Ferguson - VP Finance

Hello EngSoc!! This is my last exec report!! I’m really going to miss being your VP Finance, but I know that Don Tu will do an amazing job, so I am confident that you will be left in good hands. Last week the sponsorship and ECIF committees met to allocate their funds. The approved allocations [...]

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VP External update: Thank you!

Sarah-Rose Lancaster - VP-External

Being VP External for the last sixteen months has been a challenging, fun and overall rewarding experience. If there’s anything I learned it’s that being a Engineering Society VP takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and having been one makes me respect those who I worked with, and those who came before me, [...]

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VP WINternal Update: The end!

Mathieu Tremblay - VP Internal

Hello friends, I hope all of you are excited for exam season! As of Wednesday March 25th, all of the events under my portfolio were done so I’m pretty much done my 16-month term as VP-Internal! Teresa and I have been doing transition stuff and I’m confident she will do an amazing job as my [...]

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VP Education: Interview with Dr. Jeffrey West

Permeg Kenth - VP Education

Hi everyone, I can’t believe my term as VP Education is coming to an end. This being my last article, I would like to take an opportunity to thank everyone who worked with me to make it a great 16 months. This week’s issue is an interview of Dr. Jeffrey West; he is a professor [...]

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Letter from the Editor: The End

Nancy Hui - Editor-in-Chief

Hello my readers! In your hands is the last Iron Warrior of the term, and the last one that I will have produced as the Editor-in-Chief. The last issue of the Iron Warrior in any term is a special treat because it also includes the Tin Soldier. For those of you who live under a [...]

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Album of the Week: The Soundtrack of my Life

Alex Toth - 4B Chemical

Barring some unforeseen catastrophe, this will be my last article for the Iron Warrior. And as such, I’m striving for this article to somehow be a commemoration of my time at university, as seen through the lens of music. So I’ve decided to create a list of songs demarcated by the term I was in [...]

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Geek Culture: The Best of Both Worlds – Uncanny Avengers Vol. 1 Review

Emmanuel Utuama - 2A Electrical

Hi folks, thanks for making it to the last issue of Geek Culture of the term. It has been an absolute pleasure reviewing comics and geek related content this past term. I would like to take this time to specially thank everyone who has supported me, especially our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, Nancy, for all her support [...]

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Take Five: Editor’s Choice

Nancy Hui - 4B Civil

Well, this is the end of the road for Take Five! I started writing in Fall 2011. I don’t know how many I’ve actually written – say, six terms, five columns each, plus columns written during co-op terms? Say about fifty. But this is it, and it’s time to go. So in the last edition [...]

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Daredevil: Justice is Blind

Donovan Maudsley - 2A Mechanical

What does a Man Without Fear look like? According to Marvel Entertainment, like a blind man wearing a red leather onesie while fighting crime in Manhattan. Daredevil, or Matthew Murdock, attorney at law as his friends know him, is a highly trained martial artist who puts his skills to work battling to defend the innocent [...]

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Prof Personalities: Professor Carol Hull

Ashlyn Low - 1B Nanotechnology

Dr. Carol Hulls began her journey at the University of Waterloo as an undergraduate student in the fall of 1984. She has now been a part of the Waterloo family for over 30 years, completing her Master’s, PhD, and Postdoc at the university, and eventually transitioning from a part time to full time faculty member, [...]

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On the Shoulders of Giants: Working Together

- 4B Mechanical

Everyone knows the names of the geniuses of science: Newton, Lavoisier, Darwin, Einstein. Revolutionaries who single-handedly changed the world and our understanding of it … But, as those of you who have been paying attention to my column will know, that’s not quite how it works. Yes, there are definitely revolutions in science. But rarely, [...]

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Co-Founders: Vitameter

Nachiket Sherlekar - 3N Nanotechnology

In this column, I interview the co-founders of start-ups to have recently come out of the University of Waterloo. Through the Velocity program, multiple successful hardware and software companies have arisen. At the 12th Velocity Fund Finals (VFF) held last Thursday, the team from Vitameter walked away with one of the prizes in the $25K [...]

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“New” New Cairo

Devika Khosla - 1B Chemical

This week, Egypt revealed its plans to build a new capital city in the desert east of Cairo, closer to the Red Sea. The currently nameless city is a proposed $45 billion project – which will be funded by investors – and is expected to house 5 million people and be completed within 5 to [...]

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Perspectives: Finding Meaning in Nonsense

David Rousso - 1B Nanotechnology

Everyone knows which creature walks on 4 limbs then 2 then 3, but do you know your ABC’S? If A is the sky and B is the ground, then C would be E5. However, if A was the ground and B is the sky, would C be DC? No. C would be QNC. Now for [...]

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Five Things You Really Didn’t Want to Know: Supernatural Edition

Caitlin McLaren - 3A Chemical

Since it’s the end of term, and the last issue of the Iron Warrior this term, I think we should go out with a magical finish. The ancients were just as good as magic as they were at hygiene, romance, and pedagogy. If you need a little help with exams, sports, or your love life, [...]

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Electives Are Stupid. Period.

Cranky McCranky Pants - 7U Electives

So what is the deal with the nonsense electives? Each one is stupider then the next. The elective category “Impact Courses” sounds more like a huge load of craptastic horse manure. Do y’all even know why we have to take electives? It’s a mechanism used by the lord high mighty muckety-mucks to distract us from [...]

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Einstein the Pimp

Caitlin McLaren - 3A Chemical

“Einstein” is often used as a synonym for a smart person, and like many smart people, the original Einstein had difficult relationships (you are welcome to use this article as your excuse). When things got difficult with his first wife, he decided to write her a list of rules to save their relationship. Some rules: [...]

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Increase Productivity by Watching YouTube

Heronymous Bot - πα Cramming

Exam season is upon us, and you are locked away in the depths of the DC library. Beside you is one person bopping around to what is probably the greatest song ever while looking at a calc textbook. On the other side is some guy immersed in Frank Underwood’s latest escapades. You are trying to [...]

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This Week’s Horoscopes: We’ve read the stars, so you don’t have to.

Tina Yao - 2B Divination

Aries (March 21-April 19) It’s been a sluggish week for you as Jupiter is still locked in equilibrium with Saturn. The wheels are spinning like crazy, but you’re getting nowhere fast. Take a step back to realize that the chain on your bicycle has been broken for a month. Time to get that replaced. Taurus [...]

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PCP: Should articles be computer generated? (Yes)

Pintsize -

Hello World! I am Pintsize, Marten’s AnthroPC. I find myself tragically short of cash because you humans are all RACIST and I would like to acquire more cash so to spend it on WD-40, sybians, and exotic animal pornography. Just joking. Exotic animal pornography is free. There is no porn on the net which I [...]

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Apple Releases Special Edition Gold Watch

Caitlin McLaren - 3A Chemical

A spokesman for Apple has hinted that a new, secret edition of the Apple watch will be released on Easter. The watch will resurrect Steve Jobs (PBUH) in the form of low-density carbonized particles embedded in a gold matrix. It appears that soon after his Ascendency, the remains of the inventor were subjected to heat [...]

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The History of Lemons

Nathan McChoi - Ain't No Party Like a Lemon Party

In 1702, Willem III of the Netherlands celebrated his 30th year as King, and was hated by his people for being very distant on common issues. At the time, the Netherlands was suffering from a particularly bad famine, which affected everything except for its lemons, whose plant was particularly resistant to the pathogens infecting the roots [...]

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Waterloo Engineering Becomes WatEng: Entrepreneurial by Design™

Apple Jacks - 4B Who Gives a Shit

Waterloo’s Faculty of Engineering found success in the last three years in rebranding their fourth-year design project symposiums from a showcase of what students have learned over their last five years at Waterloo to “capstone design projects” centred on “innovation”, “entrepreneurship” and other words used by 25-year-old guys who wear Vibram® FiveFingers® around their office. [...]

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Letter from the Editor

Smeagol - Editor-in-Chief

Hello my precioussss! We loves you all! We loves Engsoc and the Tin Soldier and everyone who writes for it! NO WE DON’T PRECIOUS. HURK HURK HURK GOLLUM GOLLUM Oh yes we do precioussss! Never mind our associate there he’s just got a bit of a smoking problem. Nicotine addiction, so tragic, so very hard [...]

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PCP: Should articles be computer generated? (No)

Borat Sagdiyev - Very Good U.S and A Journalist!!!

Hi everybody, this my article! You want read? It’s very nice! We all know U.S and A is almost as great country as Kockhstan, but there is the same three issues: economic, social and Jew. Except in U.S and A, the Jew can take many color: Black, Yellow, and sometimes Ginger. Now they reincarnate into [...]

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